Lift & Shine – Light Summer Hair

Here are some quick tips on getting shiny fun hair with a polished salon look.

TinaWith the right products and techniques, you can easily duplicate this effect at home:

After shampooing, apply Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion – a great product which is sprayed to the roots to add lift.

Next, apply Kerastase Nectar Thermique, using a dab the size of a quarter and spread all over the hair. This is used to protect the hair from the blow dryer heat and a must if you use the flat iron.

VNSS000_mediumNT00000_mediumUse a ceramic dryer to dry and style your hair, moving your hands in a circular motion to lift and give the volume and the movement needed.

My recommendation for anyone professional or at home is the  CHI PRO Hair dryer. Important to remember to keep the nozzle on! This allows for faster drying –  and it also adds shine, giving the salon blow dry look you want.  CHIPro

The best finishing product for this cut is Kerastase Vinyle Nutri Sculpt. This gives your hair the separated look with  lots of shine.  Rub a small peas size amount into your hands, then start gently fingering through the back of your hair working your way to the front, lifting and seperating as you go.

For more info on Kerastase Products, visit

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