Tips for Heat-Proof Makeup

Summer is here and that means our makeup is put to the test.  Here are a few tips we have learned when dealing with summer, heat and makeup:

True Match Makeup by Loreal

True Match Makeup by Loreal

1.    Always start with clean moisturized skin.
2.    Use an oil free foundation with an spf.  Loreal makes a wonderful base in the True Match® line.  The concealer, foundation and powder are all matched by corresponding numbers.
3.      Use a gel blush that can double as a lip color – the pigment is strong and won’t wear off in the heat.  Our favorite is Smashbox O Glow®; it comes out of the tube clear and once it touches your cheek it turns your perfect color of pink! It does the same for the lips as well.
_5392762 4.        For the eyes use a cream eyeshadow and a gel waterproof eyeliner.  MAC and Bobbi Brown both have wonderful waterproof cosmetics.
5.    Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes and use a waterproof mascara such as Covergirl Prolash® in black-black.
6.    Remember summer is all about bare skin so use cosmetics sparingly and with a light hand.

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